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General Information

The first step in identification of bacteria in a diagnostic bacteriology laboratory is still the evaluation of bacterial cultures on solid media. Comparing the morphology of cultures and stained smears with pictures from an image collection can facilitate the classification of bacteria, particularly in cases of varying colony morphology and uncommon bacteria. The creation of an image gallery of bacterial cultures developed from this idea. The gallery was originally designed for internal use and it is now available free of charge for general access on our homepage.

The image gallery shows a collection of images of bacterial cultures and stained bacteria.


The images were captured during the evaluation of bacterial cultures, without the help of any special photographic aids. Most of the cultures are therefore mixed cultures. The image legend describes the main bacteria. The cultures were photographed on the complete agar plate as both overviews and close-ups.


The images were not checked for duplication, therefore most of the culture images are available in multiple copies.


Most of the image legends contain the following information in German (translations of the technical terms are given below):

  • Genus and species name, animal species, sample type, culture medium
    e.g. Actinobacillus pleuropneuminiae, Schwein, Lunge, Kochblutagar



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