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Pesticides-Online is an Internet-based platform that was designed with the aim of providing laboratories with easy access to information from the field of pesticide residues. The data can be specifically and systematically accessed with the help of search masks.


The work of a residue analyst is comparable to that of a detective. The efficiency and success of the work is largely dependent on the quantity, quality and interpretation of the available information. The plethora of valid information to be considered makes the creation of a platform for the systematic collection and distribution of data indispensable.


What type of information is offered?

  • Pesticide residue findings of various laboratories (including RASFF notifications);
  • Data indicating the usage of certain pesticides in agriculture (e.g. authorizations, recommendations to farmers, etc.)
  • Analytical, physico-chemical, toxicological and legal information on pesticides. This type of information is transferred to the EURL-Data Pool platform and can be accessed there.


How is this data useful?

Pesticides-Online constitutes a strategic tool that helps residue analysts identify risky areas and current issues of concern. The information can be used to facilitate decision-making when it comes to designing targeted and risk-oriented sampling plans as well as determining the right scope of pesticides to look for vis-a-vis the targeted commodities and their origin. This can lead to a significant facilitation of work, a reduction in costs, and an improvement in efficiency. Synergetic potentials are optimized through the exchange of information between laboratories.

All this information has been used to create a risk-based priority list of pesticides and the Check Your Scope service of the EURL-SRM, which aims to help labs identify analytical gaps.


This concept, which we started implementing at the Stuttgart Chemical and Veterinarian Investigatory Office (CVUA-S) in 1996, has proven successful in many cases. The information from the database has helped us selectively expand our analytical scope, which has led to a drastic increase in the total number of different pesticides found, as well as the number of MRL-violations detected. Our concept has thereby contributed to the long-term improvement in food safety for consumers.


Access to Pesticides-Online:

The usefulness of Pesticides Online is strongly dependent on the quantity and quality of information contained on the site, and therefore on the users themselves, who are asked to submit their data. For this reason, the users are prompted and encouraged to actively contribute by maintaining the database and keeping it up-to-date. This can be achieved by e.g., sending data regarding pesticide residues. The preferred data format can be seen under “Data Submission” on the homepage.




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