Greetings from the Director

Welcome to the homepage of the Chemisches und Veterinäruntersuchungsamt (CVUA) Stuttgart (Chemical and Veterinary Investigations Office, Stuttgart)!

Amtsleiterin Frau Maria Roth. The 200 employees of CVUA Stuttgart investigate all the things one needs in life, from the basic food necessities such as bread, milk, meat, potatoes, water and wine to luxuries such as coffee and tea, beauty creams and treatments, as well as toys, jewelry and tableware.

Every year 20,000 samples from the Stuttgart area are put under the microscopes of food chemists, veterinarians, biologists and their technician coworkers. They analyze products for the presence of substances that are harmful to our health in order to protect consumers. A splinter of glass in a ready-made meal, a nail in meat salad, or a mouse in bread is easy to detect, but a rare occurrence. However, if pathogens are in potato salad, heavy metals in finger paints, pesticides in strawberries or radioactive substances in mushrooms – this requires comprehensive chemical and microbiological investigations.

Products pledging high quality are also analyzed, for a product’s contents must ultimately add up to the claims on the packaging!

Healthy food from healthy animals – that is the motto of the veterinarians whose early detection of animal illnesses make timely treatment possible.

Also whether the dead fox on the edge of the path had had rabies, or why the farmer’s cow died, we investigate all of these for the good of the public.

Unterschrift: M. Roth
Maria Roth
Managing Chemical Director


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